About the Conference

Mobility Conference & Exhibition is a three (3) day event comprising of keynote speeches by both leading researchers and industrial experts, focused symposiums, technical oral presentations and updates by industrial presenters. This event provides a platform to introduce new mobile technologies that would shape the next generation of mobile systems & technology platforms.

Our Keynote Sessions

There will be renowned keynote speakers each day, providing strategic updates in the mobile industry. Topics will cover issues of technologies/standards, applications and different mobile devices.

Industrial Presentations

These are technology-specific “how-to” sessions for developers and system integrators. The industrial tracks cover areas including Palm OS, Windows, Java and Symbian application development environments, network integration to a mobile (GPRS and 802.11 wireless LAN) environment, and working with specific mobile-device platforms.

Oral Technical Presentations

The technical tracks provide high-level research information about the next generation systems, latest operating systems, software development platforms, networking technologies and mobile device capabilities. Also included are research-papers providing vignettes into the future near-term and long-term trends – a “foresight” all managers and planners require when planning a commercial mobility deployment.