Post Conference Tour

Post Conference Social Tours (13 September 2008)

The conference package will include a full day tour of Old Ilan City. For additional family members participating in this tour, the additional charge is USD 40.00 per person.

You may book your tour for family members at the conference venue. No cancellation will be accepted once tour is confirmed.

Exploring the Old Yilan City VS National Center for Traditional Arts Tour (Full day)

Departure at 09:00→Yilan Government Center(Yilan County Government History Museum, the spiritual emblem of Yilan)→Taiwanese Theater Hall(Beiguang, Puppet Theater, Taiwanese Opera Theater)→Jiazihlan Winery(the Winery, wine tasting, the history of the winery)→Yilan Government History Museum(its garden and history)→traditional Yilan snack for lunch→National Center for Traditional Arts (exploring traditional architecture, traditional handicrafts, Operatic Theater Hall, Old Street, Traditional Delicacy House, allowing you to travel through time)→17:00 end of tour.

The Yilan County Government
Going on its 3rd relocation and inaugurated in March 1997, this new garden-like administration building occupies a ground area of approximately 2,500 ping. The design points of the building focus on artistic, local, garden themed, intelligent, user friendly, and the creation of a comfortable space with water and green surroundings

Taiwan Drama Museum
As Taiwan’s first public local drama museum this activity center in Ilan features three floors of artifacts devoted to Taiwanese Opera and Puppet Shows. The Museum also boasts a film room, laboratory and study room where group of students can learn about the musical and performance culture of Yilan.

Yilan National Center of Traditional Arts
Attractions at this center include century-old buildings, an elaborately carved opera stage, and a reproduction of a historic street. There are also facilities for cultural exhibitions and performances for visitors to experience the traditional arts and life of Taiwan.

Chia Tsu Lan Wine Museum
The Wine Museum of Ilan is a wine lover’s paradise. Not only is there information on all types of wines, but visitors to the museum can also participate in wine tasting and explore the building’s cavernous wine cellars. Although the museum was originally built in 1910, numerous renovations have been made to the building and visitors can pay a visit to the high-tech media room where experts can answer your questions about wine.

The Museum of Yilan Government History
Built in 1906, this building was the once the official residence of the County’s Magistrate. Today however, the residence has been turned into a museum housing artifacts and antiques documenting Yilan’s colorful past. The museum is separated into three sections, one section houses Qing Dynasty items, another displays items from the Japanese era and the third section displays artifacts from modern-day Taiwan. Visitors eager to learn about Ilan’s culture, social development and 200 year history are encouraged to visit the museum.

Tour includes National Center of Traditional Arts & The Museum of Yilan Government History admission ticket, lunch, insurance and guide.