Welcome to Mobility Conference


Welcome to Yilan, Taiwan.

Following the success of the Mobility Conference first held in Singapore in 2004, Guangzhou, China in Year 2005, Bangkok, Thailand in Year 2006. Singapore again in Year 2007, Yilan, Taiwan will join this continuous effort by taking up the task of hosting the Mobility Conference in Year 2008 from 10-12 September. The conference is seen as an ideal vehicle for bringing together researchers, scientists, engineers, academicians and students all around the world to share the latest updates on new mobile technologies that would shape the next generation of mobile systems and technology platforms.

In today’s fast expanding and dynamic marketplace, the emergence of mobility technologies has revolutionize our global village. The benefits of mobility are many fold. Mobile technologies made their headway by offering more flexibility to end-users and improve productivity which many businesses have quickly adopted so as to gain and sustain a competitive edge. While mobility technologies and application are clearly becoming an essential integration into part and parcel of our daily life and business strategy, it is utmost important for professionals to stay relevant and equipped with up-to-date technical competencies, in order to meet the competitiveness of the global economy successfully.

The concept of this conference is dealing with the new challenges, deployment and strategies on next generation mobile systems, mobile devices and mobile networks in Asia. We aim to promote the understanding and interaction among players, and focus on the key areas in the value-chain necessary for the delivery of total mobile solutions. We also wish to make use of this platform to facilitate discussion and encourage the formulation and adoption of standards to enable rapid development and deployment of mobility solutions.